Welcome to Walking Home Projects!

During 2010 and 2011 we are presenting a series of educational experiences for youth – providing a fun, interesting and rigorous exploration of urban life in Vancouver.

Based on some amazing experiences I have had during my life, when I travelled, worked and studied around the world learning about societies, cultures, art, history – and even humanity and myself, I have developed Walking Home Projects to share opportunities and resources with youth in my community – most especially so they gain the capacities to discover, interpret, and animate experiences at home and abroad throughout their lives.

As the youth we work with know well, I’m really interested in critical discourse as well as considerations of context, context, context, so we also seek tons of background, explanation and information to support our explorations, and then reflect, write and respond creatively to what we learn. Please read our blog walkinghomeprojects.com, listen to our podcasts, and come to our public events and exhibitions to meet our amazing youth participants, and learn more about what we are doing!

In the summer of 2010 youth participants in Walking Home Yaletown Public Artexplore the City of Vancouver Public Art Program and the Vancouver International Sculpture Biennale, as well as additional public artworks installed around the city by other organizations like Other Sights for Artists’ Projects. What we call “expert presenters” attend our 3 hour sessions, taking us on walking tours of Public Art in various downtown neighbourhoods, usually along the seawall, sharing background about the artworks, artists, the sites where the artwork is installed, and the process of getting artwork into the public domain. We end the day with critical discussion about our experience, and some socializing while we picnic in the city’s parks.

During the autumn of 2010 we explore the history of the development of the City of Vancouver, in its oldest neighbourhood. Walking Home Carrall Street takes us from Crab Park on the north shore of the downtown peninsula in Coal Harbour, to the edge of False Creek where the south end of Carrall meets the seawall looking across to the Olympic Village. This time architects, historians, urban planners, artists, and community leaders share their expertise about decades of establishment, growth, change, remnants of history, and the overlays of contemporary society. Following our walks on Carrall and in adjoining alleys, we de-brief our sessions with food in local cafes, getting to know each other more as we further our conversations – amazed at what we are learning.

In the winter of 2011 we explore the rich cultural life and heritage of Chinatown. Walking Home Pender Street takes us into an exciting and vitally important long-standing neighbourhood in Vancouver. Meeting community members, elders, business owners, and residents opens an important door to sharing intercultural considerations and experiences. We have terrific timing to be able to learn about the local community during the time of the Chinese New Year Celebration. Of course we will share food together in local restaurants, providing a further exploration of the neighbourhood and each other (who will be adventurous, and who will already be savvy?).

Many projects and opportunities will follow – though are still in development.

Please get in touch if you are interested in participating in or contributing toWalking Home Projects.

We are dedicated to investing as much as possible in the youth we are lucky enough to work with – creating opportunities they can pursue independently and successfully. There are a myriad of resources out there – please help us share them with interested youth!

Catherine Pulkinghorn, M.Ed.


Walking Home Projects

Vancouver, BC